Snezhnoye Field


LLC Nord Imperial (“Imperial”), an independent oil and gas company operating in the Tomsk Region of Western Siberian basin, Russian Federation, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ONGC Videsh Limited (overseas arm of National Oil Company of India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (“ONGC”)). Imperial is the holder of several hydrocarbon exploration and production licenses in the Tomsk region of the Western Siberian basin of the Russian Federation and is actively engaged in exploration and production activities in 9 (nine) exploration license blocks and five (5) production license blocks, measuring about 13 400 square kilometers and has made significant investments in acquisition, exploration and development of the license blocks. Imperial’s licensed blocks contain a number of low permeability tight oil reservoirs holding about 2.1 billion barrels of in-place oil spread in 12 oilfields including an oilfield named Snezhnoye.

Imperial believes that there exists significant potential for exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves from the low permeability tight oil reservoirs of Snezhnoye oilfield and is desirous of engaging potential technological solution providers (“Technology Providers”) for its economic exploitation. Imperial had earlier floated an Expression of Interest in Oct, 2012 to shortlist the prospective bidders for participation in the tender. Being a limited tender, the short listed bidders shall now be issued the Tender documents. However, in case a new bidder intends to participate in the tender, the bidder shall have to get pre-qualified as per the terms and conditions of this NIT. The request letter for issue of Tender Documents is to be submitted within 10 days from the publication of this NIT on the website (i.e. latest by 22.03.2013), after which no such request will be entertained.

No offer/bid will be accepted if submitted based on tender document downloaded from the website i.e. without issuance of tender documents by this office.

Pre-qualification criteria for participation in the tender For Exploitation of Tight Oil Reservoirs in Snezhnoye Oilfield

1.   Bidders possessing proven technology and having experience of implementing / supervising successful implementation of their proven technology for exploitation of tight oil reservoirs and/or experience in shale oil and gas, may only be considered for association in the project.

 2.   Bidders who are able to demonstrate a successful track record of implementation of their proven technology in at least one project of similar nature anywhere, shall only be considered for association in the project. To this effect, Bidder should submit documentary evidence / case studies in respect of satisfactory execution of such projects:

  •  Case history of one similar nature project including the details of the project with details about extent of  association of the bidder with the project, value additions in the project due to involvement of the bidder in quantitative terms (enhancement of production / productivity, economic efficiency improvement, optimisation of costs, time schedule impact etc);
  •  Details of the experts of the bidder, engaged in the above project;

 3.   Engagement / Availability of experts having proven past track record of their association in such project(s) elsewhere, being of immense importance, the bidders who confirms the deployment / availability of such experts, on regular and dedicated basis, for this tendered project shall only be considered for evaluation.

 4.  Investors interested only in financial equity participation and /or consultants interested in providing only consultancy services for the project and / or companies intending to associate with the project only as service providers, shall not be considered for the project.

5.  Selected Technology Providers shall generally not be allowed to participate in the project as service providers except for the items essential for implementation of their technology.

6. Technology Providers interested to pre-qualify against this NIT for receiving the tenders are required to submit the following information:

(i)    Organizational outline detailing management, staff and business process support to carry out exploitation of tight oil reservoirs;

(ii)   Present work commitments and anticipated work load;

(iii) Technical and experience profile of the experts (with copies of the certifications) intended to be associated in the project;

(iv) Case studies specific to the offered technology with respect to its successful implementation / deliverability in tight oil reservoirs;

(v) A demonstrable capability that they have an appropriate comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental management system in place. Details and copies of their certification must be submitted;

(vi) Any other relevant information that will establish the credentials of the company and successful implementability of the offered technology.

7. The Technology Provider is expected, inter alia, to:

(i)    review existing data (reservoir parameters/ drilling practices/ well completion methodologies/stimulation result including hydro frac etc.) gathered by Imperial till date;

(ii)   update the Petro-physical parameters, define initial /residual oil saturation, rock mechanics, drilling fluid compatibility;

(iii) revisit seismic data for reservoir characterization and identification of sweet spots;

(iv) analyze the preliminary results from Imperial vis-a- vis analogous reservoirs/oil fields worldwide;

(v)   carry out feasibility exercise for well engineering and stimulation technology with expected production performance from the offset wells;

(vi) identify plausible areas for implementation of pilot project(s) to mitigate the uncertainties and to gain confidence to validate for a single/multiple model for any given type of well completion and stimulation technology(ies);

(vii)      involve in actual implementation / supervision of the pilot project;

(viii) review the result of pilot project along with Imperial team;

(ix) involve in full scale implementation of development plan for commercial exploitation of the Snezhnoye oilfield, in case of successful results from the pilot project.

8. The information about Snezhnoye oilfield is accessible through a login id & password which can be obtained by interested parties by sending a signed Confidentiality Agreement in pdf format  to e-mail id and

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9. For any clarifications regarding the NIT, the potential Technology Providers may contact

Chief Advisor (HR, Contracts & Legal)
Limited Liability Company Nord Imperial
Kirova ave. 51a, bldg. 15,
Tomsk, 634041, Russia
Telephone No.: +7 3822 556868 (extn 1196)
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10. Information about Imperial Energy can be accessed on website ""

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The proposal for pre-qualification must be sent only on following postal address OR Email id :

Chief Advisor (HR, Contracts and Legal)
Limited Liability Company Nord Imperial
Kirova ave. 51a, bldg. 15,
Tomsk, 634041, Russia

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