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Since its first years Imperial Energy has followed the policy of high social responsibility not only towards its employees, but also towards the people of the whole Tomsk region – the territory of the Group's operations. Activities of Imperial Energy – one of the main subsoil users and tax payers of the region – facilitate development of economy of Tomsk region, creation of new jobs and securing social stability. Taxes, annually paid by the Group, run into millions of roubles. Apart from that Imperial Energy implements a wide range of sponsorship and charity projects, aimed at supporting sports, educational and culture institutions, disabled children and other socially vulnerable groups. Total expenditures for charity and social & economic development of territories in 2010-2018 made more than 43 million RUR.


Social and business partnership of Imperial Energy and the northern territories of Tomsk region, where the Group operates, is continual and system-based. Every year Imperial Energy Group and administrations of Kargasok and Parabel areas enter into cooperation agreements, resulting in efficient resolution of issues related to public services and amenities in settlements and villages, provision of employment for the local population, and rendering assistance to territorial authorities in implementation of prominent social projects.

The following projects received financial assistance from Imperial Energy and were implemented in 2010-2018:

  • Construction of social centre in s. Kiyevskiy of Kargasok area;
  • Repairs of kindergarten in Middle Vasyugan village of Kargasok area;
  • Capital repairs of “Beryozka” kindergarten in Parabel rural community;
  • Cosmetic repair of Culture centre in Novoseltsevo rural community of Parabel area;
  • Maintenance of Novoseltsevo Secondary general education school of Parabel area;
  • Construction of addition to Kindergarten #4 in Parabel rural community;
  • Construction of 27-apartment service housing for young specialists in the sphere of health protection and culture in Parabel village.
  • Capital repairs of central stadium in Parabel village
  • Reconstruction of volleyball court in Yunost stadium in Kargasok village
  • construction of sports court in New Vasyugan of Kargasok locality (Tomsk region);
  • organization of summer recreation and summer jobs for children of Parabel locality.

Imperial Energy Group also takes active participation in Tomsk development programs:

  • In 2007, jointly with OJSC “Tomskzelenstroy” Imperial Energy Group has founded the lime alley as a “green” present to the city;
  • In 2012 financial support was provided for construction of the second stage of the Geologists’ Alley;
  • In 2013 financial support was provided for the  XV Tomsk Innovations Forum "INNOVUS: Energy of Innovational Development".
  • In 2017, also jointly with OJSC "Tomskzelenstroy", Imperial Energy has founded an Alley of Russian-Indian Friendship in Tomsk Lagerny Sad.



One of priorities for charity policy of the Group is provision of support to the most socially vulnerable groups, i.e. disabled children, children without parental care, and lonely elderly people. We are proud that we have helped in changing fates and fortunes of dozens of people by participating in implementation of the following projects and activities:

Year 2006 – financial assistance to the programme of the Russian Children’s Fund aimed at rendering aid to children, suffering from celiac disease;

Year 2007 – participation in the charity telethon by TV-2 (local TV company) called “Obyknovennoye Chudo”, financial assistance in treatment of several sick children;


  • Financial assistance to the programme of the Russian Children’s Fund aimed at medical inspection of disabled children suffering from cystic fibrosis;
  • Jointly with the Russian Children’s Fund the Group organised an Anti-diabetes day;
  • Corporate assistance provided to Orphanage #4 of Tomsk (funds allocated for maintenance work, PE uniform for the sports team, and gifts to children).


  • Beautification of children’s game room in a children’s tuberculosis clinic;
  • Began cooperation with the charity fund named after Alyona Petrova (rendered assistance in equipping Rehabilitation centre with toys and musical equipment, purchased equipment for paediatric wards of oncologic dispensary);
  • Purchased modern TV sets for Kargasok elderly care centre;
  • The Group participated in charity auctions held by the Governor (total cost of two lots purchased in 2010-2011 amounted to 200 thousand roubles, which was allocated for treatment of sick children);
  • Financial assistance to “Nadezhda” Civil society organisation taking care of disabled children in purchasing school stationery for disabled schoolchildren;


  • Purchased office appliances for Tomsk branch of All-Russia civil organisation “Russian Union of Afghan War Veterans”;
  • Purchased game equipment for regional state budgetary entreprise "Center of social aid to family and chuildren "Ogonyok", Tomsk;
  • Purchased materials and equipment for childrens oncological department of Region's Clinical Hospital;
  • Opened children's play room in children's oncohematological department of Region's Clinical Hospital;
  • Co-funded repairs and procurement of furniture for the Orphanage Shelter in Kargasok village;
  • Procured construction materials for Saint Ilyinskiy shelter in Tomsk.


  • Procured children's furniture for Kindergarten No. 99 (combined type) of Tomsk;
  • Provided financial assistance to Russian Blind Association: procured  special tennis tables for visually impared people;
  • Procured beds for Kargasok residential care home;
  • Procured equipment (including special-purpose equipment) for the needs of Local Public Organization of Disabled Children of Parabel locality "We are together!";
  • Organized festive events for small patients of children's department of Cardiology R & D Center, in celebration of International Children's Day;
  • Co-funded construction & repairs jobs in the premises of the Center for social and psychological rehabilitation of Sight-impaired people (Tomsk branch of Russian Society of Blind People);
  • Procured sweet New Year gifts for children under car of the Center for social aid to family and children "Ogonyok".


  • procured beds of children under care of Moryakovskaya school for abandoned children as well as for children with health problems;
  • purchased special equipment (low frequency therapy) for Center for restorative treatment of children in Tomsk;
  • procured household equipment for  "Child home for children with organic damage of central neural system and children with mental disturbances", co-funded construction of sports & recreation playground for children under care of the establishment;
  • purchased furniture and equipment for the needs of Social and rehabilitation center for disabled children of Parabel locality";
  • purchased equipment for the needs of the new rehabilitation center "Alyonka" for children with oncological diseases under the care of the Fund n.a. Alyona Petrova;
  • co-financed purchase of equipment and construction materials for organization of specialized workplaces and a toilet room for people with disabilities.


Imperial Energy pays special attention to support and development of children’s and professional sports, education and culture, because we believe this to be a prerequisite for harmonious development of the young generation and successful future of the region. By investing monetary assets into development of material and technical base of the education establishments of the region, Imperial Energy makes a strong contribution into the process of grooming of skilled professionals for the industry and for the country.


Year 2006 – Funds allocated for upgrade of computer facilities of Vocational school #20 of Tomsk;

Year 2007 – Assistance provided to Tomsk Polytechnic University in establishment and equipping the new computer classroom;

Year 2009 – Imperial Energy sponsored Tomsk children’s karate-do club “SKIF”. Young karatekas were thus enabled to participate in the All-Russia championship and take top places;


  • Sponsor support to Tom football club;
  • Financed participation of Tomsk sportsmen in the national kickboxing competition;
  • 10 modern microscopes purchased and gifted to Oil and Gas Institute of TPU for the new core examination laboratory;
  • Finance support for various educational projects and activities of Tomsk non-profit fund “Culture of Tomsk region”;
  • Sponsor support for organisation of annual conference of veteran-geologists;
  • Provided sponsor support to the VIII All-Russia open field competition of young geologists;
  • Paid for trips of employees’ children to All-Russia festival “Detlandiya-2011” in Anapa. Our young talents won in three nominations!


  • Provided financial assistance to scientific conference, round tables as well as for procurement of presents to veteran geologists, organized by Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk region's Subsoil Use Administration (Tomsknedra);
  • Provided funding for geologists' conference, organized by a non-commercial fund for support of subsoil use development in Tomsk region as well as geologists' conference in Tyumen;
  • Provided funding for educational project "Aleksandrovskiy lyceum" organized by Tomsk Polytechnic University;
  • Organized receipt and free Tomsk concert of Indian Bollywood Musical Group "Sugar N Spice";
  • Provided funding for participation of a representative of "Sparta plus" sports club in Russia's grappling championship.
  • Provided charitable contribution to Non-commercial fund of subsoil use support in Tomsk region for sponsorship of young geologists' competition.


  • Procured school bags for pupils of various educational establishments upon request of Tomsk region Administration;
  • Presented office firniture for the needs of Tomsk Kindergarten #99 (combined type), R&D enterprise "ONTO" and Tomsk State University (Radiophysical faculty);
  • Provided financial assistance to organization  "Friends of India" for arrangement of necessary representative activities within the frame of visit of the Prime Minister of India to Russia in December 2015.
  • Imperial Energy became the general sponsor of the Festivals of Indian Culture in Tomsk and International Yoga Days (2016 onwards).


Tomsk region is a long-term operation point for Imperial Energy Group.

By working together with educational establishments of the region, we hope that our production facilities will become a prestigious place of work for young specialists. Every year profession-oriented students of higher education establishments of Tomsk undergo training in Imperial Energy Group. Within the period from 2010 to 2018, more than 300 students of Tomsk higher education establishments have undergone awareness and on-the-job training.