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Highly motivated and professional specialists in all trends of production process is our challenge, our value and our competitive potential.

Our HR policy is aimed at a development of our people.

To meet this goal we have established a system for specialists training and development, which allows the employees to improve their efficiency and lays basis for career advancement.

Imperial Energy fully covers the cost of courses which employees can take to upgrade their qualifications.

We are interested in young and prospective specialists and are happy to see the graduates from vocational training establishments among our employees. Senior students of the intermediate vocational education establishments are welcome to participate in the training courses at the Group's facilities. Having started as an apprentice, they can return to the facility to continue the development of their career after they graduate and receive a diploma.

Being Imperial Energy employee also allows combining work and receiving higher vocational education. All employees can use the opportunity to advance the career ladder by taking engineering specialists positions.

We are happy to see the graduates from the higher vocational education establishments among our employees. Some employees joined Imperial Energy being senior students who were yet to present their thesis and graduate. Any young and ambitious specialist can with time become a senior specialist or a top manager, providing vacancies are open and available.

Corporate Principles of Imperial Energy Group

  • Professional and personal respect to the employees;
  • Selection and employment of specialists by “Best of the best” rule
  • Continuous training of the employees
  • Team work, cooperation and mutual respect

Our site will provide full information regarding new vacancies that may be open due to growing amount of work, production prospects development, employees transfer to another positions, or employment termination

Imperial Energy Group employees who may want to apply for a vacant job shall submit the required documents to the head of HR Department in course of 15 days after the information was located on site. Imperial Energy Group employees willing to occupy a vacant position will be given priority over other candidates.

You are welcome to see Imperial Energy's open vacancies page on our site.

If you want to become an Imperial Energy's employee, but none of the current vacancies fits you, send your CV to us by clicking here.

Our HR Department will revise you CV and safe it in our database in order to get back to you another time, when a suitable vacancy is available.

Please be warned that in accordance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law "On personal data", when submitting your CV or filled in questionnaire, you will have to provide your agreement in written form for storage and processing of your personal data by LLC Nord Imperial (a subsidiary of Imperial Energy Group) for the purpose of ensuring smooth process of your employment.

You can also at any time withdraw your agreement for storage and processing of your personal data by submitting a written application to LLC Nord Imperial located at the following address: 634041, Russia, Tomsk region, Tomsk, Kirova ave. 51a, bldg 15.

You are welcome to call and find out more about the employment in any working day at +7(3822) 60-50-22  from 9 – 6 pm.