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Imperial Energy operates in Tomsk region of Western Siberia, Russian Federation. Western Siberia is the most prolific oil-producing region in Russia with some of the world's largest oil fields.   Oilfields of the Tomsk region are operated by many major players.

Imperial Energy is currently exploring and producing hydrocarbons through two subsidiaries (Nord Imperial LLC and Allianceneftegaz LLC) located in Tomsk.

Imperial Energy’s interests comprise 10 blocks (69, 77, 80, 70-23M, 70-3SM, 70-3M, 70-3EM, 70-3, 85-1, 86). All license interests are 100% owned by Imperial. Total licensed area of Imperial Energy in Tomsk region for all blocks covers 11 038.2 square kilometers.

Imperial Energy has its own infrastructure, which includes pipeline network (443 km in length in aggregate), oil treatment facilities (at Snezhnoye фтв Maiskoye fields) and custody transfer facilities at Luginetskoye and Zavyalovo flowing oil directly to the Transneft pipeline system.

For the purpose of utilization and monetization of associated petroleum gas, in 2021, an APGTP (Associated Petroleum Gas Treatment Plant) with a maximum design capacity of 90 million cubic meters of raw gas per year was put into operation in Snezhnoye oilfield. The utilization rate of associated petroleum gas is over 97%.

1. LLC "Nord Imperial"

Nord Imperial LLC holds 3 licenses for geological study, exploration and production of hydrocarbons on 3 separate blocks (69, 77 and 80), which cover 7489.3 square kilometers.

  • Kiev-Eganskoye oil field is located within block 80 to the north from the Ob River in the northern part of the Tomsk region and next to the most oil prolific Russian region – Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.  The field has an oil treatment facility with an oil pipeline to Zavyalovo custody transfer facility;
  • Snezhnoye and Dvoinoye fields are located within block 77, to the south from the Ob River. Snezhoye oil field has an oil treatment facility and is connected by an oil pipeline from Snezhnoye oil field with Zavyalovo custody transfer facility;
  • Festivalnoye and North Festivalnoye fields are located within block 69. Festivalnoye has its own oil treatment facility available. The oil pipeline runs from Festivalnoye through North Festivalnoye to Zavyalovo custody transfer facility.


2. LLC "Allianceneftegaz"

  • Allianceneftegaz LLC owns 3 licenses for geological study for the purpose of exploration and assessment of hydrocarbons deposits and 4 exploration and production licenses. Allianceneftegaz blocks are located directly between producing Rosneft and Gazpromneft oil fields being similar in structure. Total square of the blocks makes 3548.9 square kilometers.
  • Allianceneftegaz is currently producing from three fields discovered by Imperial Energy (Maiskoye, Middle Maiskoye and South Maiskoye) and located within license blocks 70–3M and 70–3SM). More than 80% of Imperial's production comes from this group of Maiskoye fields.
  • Maiskoye and Middle Maiskoye fields are related on license block 70-3M and located in the Western part of the Tomsk region. Maiskoye oilfield infrastructure also includes an Oil Treatment Facility from where processed products arrive through Festivalnoye oilfield to CTF Luginetskoye via 159 km pipeline. Maiskoye and Middle Maiskoye are connected by a high pressure oil pipeline.
  • South Maiskoye is located within license block 70-3YSM, 12 km away from Maiskoye field, to which it is connected by an oil pipeline.

3. Oil service subsidiaries: LLC "Rus Imperial Group" and LLC "Imperial Frac Service"

  • Imperial Energy has 100% owned drilling subsidiary Rus Imperial Group (RIG). RIG operates 3 heavy duty drilling rigs and 3 workover rigs. Imperial Energy also owns 100% of Imperial Frac Service (IFS), which provides hydraulic fracturing services.