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The 18th Anniversary of Imperial Energy on October 18, 2022.

Dear employees of Imperial Energy!

We kindly congratulate you on the 18th birthday of our company!

We traditionally celebrate Imperial Energy's birthday on October 18th. LLC Nord Imperial - the first company of the Group, was established on this day in 2004.

What makes our company unique is the multinational close-knit team of professionals, high-class specialists, caring people united by the common goal. Well-coordinated work of Russian and Indian specialists leads the company on its way to successful development.

Over the past years, Imperial Energy has achieved high results in the development of oil fields and the subsoil study, it has made a significant contribution to the exploration and recovery of the hard oil reserves, in order to maximize the good use of the associated petroleum gas.  The year 2021 marked commissioning of APGTP of Snezhnoye field. We are very proud of these achievements, but the main gains are yet to come.

We thank you for your conscientious effort and devotion, we wish you good health, productive work and high performance, keep faith in the success of our common goal, happiness and prosperity to your families!


Management of Imperial Energy Group


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