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Annual corporate photo contest “Nature of Russia through the camera lens”

A solemn award ceremony for the winners and awardees of the annual corporate photo contest “Nature of Russia through the camera lens” took place in Tomsk office on December 2nd. The contest has been held in IE every autumn for the past seven years! This year, 18 of our colleagues, including Indian specialists, shared their picturesque shots. In total, the jury received more than 100 pictures, depicting the views of the Altai Mountains and Kamchatka, Baikal and St. Petersburg, Tomsk carved palaces and bends of the river Tom, bright gifts of Siberian summer.

In three of the seven nominations – “Reservation”, “Pearls of the Russian Federation”, “Nature – the creator of all creators” – the pictures taken by Lead HR manager Tatyana Sharopina were recognized as the best. In the nomination “Ah, linger on!” the winner was Sonu, Advisor for Geophysics. In the nominations “Macro” and “Man in unity with the nature”, the jury was most impressed by the pictures taken by Aleksey Roschupkin, Head of Finance Department. Lead accountant Natalia Furdui won in the “Photo story” nomination. In addition, the Audience Choice Awards were awarded to Emilia Valyanina, Lead Specialist of the Exploration Department, and Sanjay Parulkar, Chief Advisor for Exploration & Development. At the awards ceremony, the top management of the Company presented the winners and awardees with memorable gifts and certificates, and all other participants were also awarded with nice presents.

  “Once again, your photographs showed and reminded how infinitely beautiful our country is, and serve as an excellent motivator to get to know it even better!” said Aleksandr Baklanov. By tradition, the best photographs of the competition will decorate the walls of Tomsk office, delighting the eyes of all colleagues. They were also used in the design of the calendar and on the pages of this issue of the Life Energy newspaper.

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