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Photo competition Russian nature through a camera lens 2023

The traditional corporate photo competition “Russian nature through the camera lens” was held in Imperial Energy from October 23 to December 1. Its participants were company’s employees who presented to the jury the landscapes they had shot in the Altai Mountains and the Kola Peninsula, in St. Petersburg and Tomsk, the Caucasian Dombay and in other beautiful preserved areas of our large country. Winners and runners-up were determined in 7 competitive categories.

  In the “Reserved” category, first place was awarded to Elena Razdaeva, Lead economist of the Planning and Economy Department, who captured the famous Dragon Egg Beach in Teriberka. In the “Nature – the creator of all creators” category, the work of Sanjay Parulkar, Chief Advisor for Exploration & Development, was recognized as the best one, the picture was taken in the Catherine Park in the northern capital of Russia. The winner in the “Pearls of Russia” category was Vasily Kokunov, head of the Geological Service of Imperial Energy, with his picturesque view of Lake Multinskoye in the Altai Mountains. The following employees became winners in their categories: Lead software engineer Evgeniya Domnitskaya (“Seize the moment” category), Lead accountant Natalia Furdui (“Photo story” category). Head of Finance Department Aleksey Roschupkin took gold in two categories at once - “Macrophotography” and “Man in harmony with nature”. At the corporate New Year’s party, the management of Imperial Energy awarded the photographers with well-deserved prizes. Their works also decorated the walls of the Tomsk office and were used in the design of a calendar for the newspaper. The photo competition will be held again in autumn, so all employees have time to prepare their “photo pearls”, taken during vacation and travel, for participation. You are invited to share the beauty you see with others.

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