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Safe oil and gas production with Imperial Energy group

Encouraging nature protection

Considering specific character of hazardous production activities related to drilling, production, treatment and transportation of oil, Imperial Energy Group considers environmental protection and ecological safety as one of its paramount objectives. That’s why activities of the Group in the sphere of environmental safety and rational use of natural resources are comprised of an entire complex of actions coordinated by the Environmental Safety Department.

Environmental protection measures are integral part of the strategic investment program of Imperial Energy. The Group implements environmental projects at all stages of its development. It uses contemporary environmental friendly geological exploration, drilling and production technologies that provide maximum efficiency of natural resources use. High performance technologies and production capacities make it possible to reinterpret old data natural resources and to estimate oilfield possibilities.

To conform to environmental requirements Imperial Energy Group realizes a set of environmental measures:

-        Engineering and environmental survey in the framework of which background environmental conditions is assessed in the territory of all the producing fields and interfiled pipelines;

-        Design and construction of facilities, implementation of production processes and equipment using the best available environmental friendly technologies;  

-          Use of technologies ensuring economic use of raw resources, energy materials, recycling of materials and waste disposal;

-          Compulsory disposal of production and consumer wastes;

-          Environmental monitoring at all the fields, CTFs and interfield pipelines owned by the Group of Companies;

-          Development of draft regulations for emission limits at each field and CTF, draft regulations for production of wastes, draft regulations for maximum permissible discharge in sewage treatment facilities at the operation sites of the Group;

-          Reclamation of disturbed soils;

-          Ensuring 24/7 readiness of resources and crews for oil spill containment and response, diagnostics of interfield and intrafield oil pipelines & tanks;

-          Deployment of gas program (the Group is actively engaged in construction of its proprietary APG Treatment Facility);

-          Other environmental protection activities (including relase of juvenile fishes into water objects).

Total expenses for environmental protection activities carried out by the Group in the period from 2013 to 2017 exceeded a total of 500 million RUR.

New environmental technologies

In 2006-2011 together with scientists from Tomsk, Imperial Energy Group has elaborated and has been implementing new environmental technologies: use of drill cuttings in the process of remediation of disturbed soils and use of amphibian plants to clean utility fluids. These technologies are considered in the designs for well and facilities construction.

Utility fluids cleaning system with the help of biological ponds is simple to operate, to serve and requires less financial expenses to construct and maintain (in comparison with other cleaning methods). From the view of efficiency utility fluids cleaning system can be compared with manufactured units. In 2010-2011 the enterprise constructed similar treatment facilities at Kiev-Eganskoye and Maiskoye fields.     

To reduce amount of drilling wastes in the process of constructing a well and to use them reasonably the Group elaborated “Regulation on drilling waste disposal in the process of disturbed soils remediation and facilities construction”. The regulation attached the right of the enterprise to use drilling wastes as recoverable resources in the process of business managing specifically in the process of disturbed soil remediation. The regulation was approved by the state environmental expertise.

In 2008 Environmental Safety Department prepared documentation on technical terms for drill cuttings and implemented them.          

Environmental culture at work

Imperial's investment program includes environmental facilities construction in the territory of licensed sites of the Group. There are storm and industrial water sewage system at every field. Kiev-Eganskoye, Maiskoye fields and CTF Zaviyalovo have domestic wastewater systems. In 2011 solid domestic and industrial waste landfill was put into operation at Maiskoye field.

Oil spill contingency plans for every operating facility were elaborated by the Group to ensure safe operation of production facilities and to prevent emergencies. Every year Imperial purchases oil-gathering equipment and materials (oil-spill boons, sorbents, etc). Special tactical training exercises are organized annually at fields to check readiness of the Group's resources and facilities to contain emergencies and its aftermaths.    

Regular industrial environmental monitoring including laboratory inspection of surface and subterranean waters, soil composition, atmospheric emission and wastes disposal control are carried out in the framework of observation of license agreement terms.

In order to conform to environmental requirements Imperial Energy elaborates and exercises measures on monitoring environmental security system at all stages of production in full conformity with international practice.

For this purpose LLC Nord Imperial, LLC Allianceneftegaz and LLC Rus Imperial Group have been certified for conformity with international environmental standards of ISO 14 001 since 2009. During annual inspections the Group always proves its conformity to this standard.

The Group organizes annually education courses “Environmental safety” and “Dangerous wastes treatment” for the employees in order to improve environmental awareness, educational and professional levels.

Employees from the Environmental Safety Department attend seminars, conferences, forums, visit exhibitions and enterprises of oil-gathering equipments and materials in order to learn advanced practice, new development in the sphere of engineering ecology and environmental management.


Imperial Energy Group is environmental oriented. And it is not only a tribute to fashion or concern about image of the Group. That’s the reason why Imperial has already planted more than 1 500 trees in Tomsk, Kargasok and Parabel districts of Tomsk region since 2007. In Autumn of 2013 Imperial Energy became the iniator and conducted an event called "Plant a tree with Imperial Energy!" in Parabel and Kargasok regions. In joint efforts with environmental organizations "Strizh" and children from different schools of the regions, cedar alleys with 300 young trees have been planted.  In 2017, at the Lower Terrace of Tomsk Camp Garden, Imperial Energy Group has founded an alley of Russian-Indian friendship jointly with representatives of municipal and regional authorities, as well as with representatives of the cultural center n.a. Javāharlāl Nehrū under the Embassy of the Republic of India in Russia.Imperial Energy group finds environmental security insurance as its social mission and it is convinced that environmental protection and ecology today is contribution to future.