Imperial Energy's HSE policy


Strategic HSE objectives of Imperial Energy Group are to take leading positions among oil companies in the HSE sphere and prove them with actual results and advanced operational technologies

The main HSE objective of Imperial Energy Group is to prevent disasters, accidents and incidents at hazardous production facilities.

Tasks accomplished in order to achieve this objective are:

  • to ensure high production standards, safe conditions of work for employees;
  • to arrange for efficient preparation and implementation of HSE programs;
  • to provide for continuous professional development of employees, grooming of responsibility for observation of HSE requirements.

For the purpose of efficient implementation of its HSE policy, Imperial Energy Group has undertaken to accomplish a number of full-fledged actions:

  • To conform to requirements of international standards ISO 45001:2018 and to ensure constant development of its management system;
  • To observe requirements of the legislation and international agreements in force, regulatory requirements governing HSE activities of oil companies;
  • To take actions on reducing risks threatening health and safety of employees of the Group and population living nearby or bringing these risks down to the accepted level;
  • To ensure healthy and safe conditions of work for Group's employees by implementing modern safety features that allow to prevent industrial injuries and ensure appropriate sanitary and hygienic conditions;
  • To ensure technical, organizational and medical preventive events, elaborated on the basis of results of medical checkups in order to prevent occupational diseases;
  • To analyze production risks, to take measures to prevent emergency situations;
  • To exercise control over implementation of projects intended to ensure safe and healthy conditions of work, measures to prevent industrial injuries;
  • To incite and improve employees’ qualification;
  • To attract employees for active participation in projects on compliance with HSE requirements;
  • To demand the employees and contractors operating at Imperial Energy facilities to observe the law and internal regulatory HSE documents of the company;
  • To ensure recurrent provision of information for every interested entity (society, executive authorities, etc.) about Imperial Energy HSE activities;
  • To review and to improve Imperial Energy HSE policy as the need arises;
  • To notify employees of Imperial Energy Group, society, executive authorities and other interested entities about all the changes in Imperial Energy HSE policy