Nord Imperial gathers information on current or possible future suppliers of materials and/or services by the Vendor Registration Form. Details on Imperial Energy (IEC) and the activities IEC is involved in can be found at Successful review of the information provided in this Form relating to a certain type of work or material will result in the inclusion of the vendor into the Imperial Energy Approved Vendor List. In order to do so, Imperial Energy may ask further questions relating the information provided below. Vendors on this list will be considered for future work, but it does not guarantee that the vendors on this list will participate in all bids in the category or categories for which they have been approved. Further pre-qualification will often be required. The information you provide will be treated as confidential and will only be used by Imperial Energy to evaluate possible options for supply or required materials or services.

To speed up the registration process, Imperial Energy prefers that any supplier that wants to do business with Imperial Energy fills in the vendor registration Form. For companies unable to fill in the Form in English, a Russian version can also be found on the Imperial Energy website mentioned above, but if possible an English version should be provided for easier internal reference. For more information on the vendor registration process, please refer to the vendor registration procedure at Annexure 1.

Registration form