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Contractor registration system

Registration of contractors is an initiatory step in doing business with Imperial Energy.

Registration is the process by which means Imperial Energy gathers and stores the information about potential providers of services, materials and equipment for the needs of the Imperial II Project.
In order to be registered as a potential vendor you need to fill in Vendor Registration Form.

After your Form is received and processed by a specialist on contractor registration, you will receive an acknowledgement of successful registration of your company in the Imperial Energy vendors' data-base (if the Form was sent by email). The acknowledgement is not sent immediately as the registration process takes some time.

Form is valid for two years. If the Form has not been updated for two years, then the Form and the Vendor record could be removed from the database.

In addition to this compulsory procedure on registration under the types of activities, materials and equipment, you can register your company as a potential participant of certain tenders, which will be arranged by Imperial Energy within the next 5 years. You may find the list of tenders as well as the instruction on filling in an application form here.
To ensure that we apply a consistent approach to the registration of Vendors by documenting the tasks and procedures involved. This will speed up the tendering process and the search for qualified Vendors for a certain scope of work. It will also ensure that we gather, collate and store Vendor data in a defined structured manner, whilst maintaining a full history of all significant communications with all possible vendors.

To contract out in accordance with the relevant legal requirements and to fulfil requirements in-line with our Procurement Procedures. This objective includes our obligation to report and evaluate the listing of qualified Vendors in support of our intention to maximise the use of Russian Vendors wherever possible.

To ensure that we procure Services from Vendors that can provide such Services in line with our General Business Principles, our requirements in relation to health, safety and the environment and any relevant technical requirements.

To ensure that we will procure Services from Vendors that have a satisfactory financial standing with regard to the nature of the Service being offered. The Vendors must be able to demonstrate that they can provide continuity in the market sector within which they operate, so that further supplies of Services, guarantee, maintenance, etc. are assured in order to minimize any risk and exposure to our organisation.

Ensure that the expectations of the Vendor are set correctly: Registration does not automatically result in qualification and qualification does not mean that any work will be awarded.