07.09.2022 Update on operations

In accordance with the terms of the contract between LLC Stimul-T and LLC Nord Imperial for acceptance and transfer of oil to the main trunk pipeline system of OJSC AK Transneft, LLC Nord Imperial stopped the process of oil acceptance and transfer from LLC Stimul-T w.e.f. 21.08.2022 at 04:00 a.m. Tomsk time, having notified the counterparty about this 1 month in advance. The reason for the stoppage was the failure of LLC Stimul-T to fulfill its obligations under the contract, namely the failure to pay for the services provided, as well as the penalty amounts for late payment for services provided in the period from March 2020 to June 2022.

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19.08.2022 Safety first

On August 15, 2022, special tactical training exercises took place in Snezhnoye field. As part of the drills, operating personnel of the facilities, company management and other officers practiced the sequence of actions to eliminate emergencies related to spills of oil products at production facilities.

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21.06.2022 YOGA DAY.

June 21 marks the International Day of Yoga.

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10.05.2022 May 9, Victory Day.

77th anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people over fascism.

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25.10.2021 Imperial Energy Cup: contribution to the future of hockey.

The Ice Hockey Tournament for the Imperial Energy Cup was held from October 22 to October 24, 2021 at the Kristall Sports Complex.

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